Airplane Information:

Airplanes are vehicles that travel through the air. They have wings and are powered by thrust from a propeller or engine on the plane. Airports are located throughout the whole world. Most major cities have a large aiport and sometimes have smaller airports as well. There are also private airports for private jets and military planes. Most commercial airplanes fly from one cities airport to another cities airport. Most airplanes have pilots but some newer planes can be flown by a computer. Flight attendants travel on the plane and assist passengers. They hand out food and drinks on most flights. They also assist the flight by making sure everyone knows about the safety of being on board.

Large United States Commercial Airlines:

American Airlines
Spirit Airlines

Fun Facts About Airplanes:

The Wright Brothers invented and flew the first airplane.
Airport runways are normally 2-4 feet thick of asphalt.
The fastest airplane in the world flies at 2,193 miles per hour.
Commercial airlines transport over 4 billion people per year.
Commercial airplanes have a cruising speed of 550-580 miles per hour.
About 1 in 5 people have a fear of flying on an airplane.